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Relate Guide To Step Families Living Successfully with Other People's Children (Relate Guides):Kumagai-yutaka

Suzie Hayman
Suzie Hayman Published in October 23, 2018, 9:48 am
 Relate Guide To Step Families Living Successfully with Other People's Children (Relate Guides):Kumagai-yutaka

Relate Guide To Step Families Living Successfully with Other People's Children (Relate Guides):Kumagai-yutaka


Pedrosa Reply to on 8 January 2016
Quick delivery, product is great and as advertised
Isis Reply to on 9 May 2014
Recently got remarried and have now got a ready made family. This book helped me to see the other side of things
Parmi Reply to on 26 July 2015
It would have been helpful to hear of successful strategies with an explanation as to why and how they work.
PW Reply to on 1 July 2016
Fiona Mclaughlin
Fiona Mclaughlin Reply to on 18 May 2015
Good book
L. Cooper
L. Cooper Reply to on 16 February 2009
I read this book when I was already several years into my relationship with my partners children and found it so useful that I wish I had read it right at the start. The other reviewer here seems unhappy that the book covers different perspectives, but for me that was it's best feature. This book provides a good balance of sympathy, reassurance and guidance for the step-parent, but also some insights into the conflicted emotions and loyalties of the natural parent and their children.

One of the difficulties of being a step-parent is trying to discuss and resolve step-parenting problems with your partner, without it turning into a battle of loyalties. I was able to use this book to open up discussion with my partner about practical and emotional issues that had remained unresolved for a long time, because it articulated a lot of the problems and emotions I had been experiencing far better than I could, and had the credibility of a rational outside perspective, and case studies that showed I/we weren't alone. Reading it made me feel relieved, better informed about my own feelings and reactions to my step-children and partner, and better able to to deal with the many stresses of step-parenting.
ZlGT Reply to on 1 November 2010
Having recently moved in with my partner we were finding it difficult to balance and adjust to also having his 4 yr old on alternate weekends. No friends in similar situations or family members having gone through the same thing, we decided to get the book and so far we have both found it to be really helpful. Even if it just confirms what we are thinking already, it is a good back up and gives a fresh take on things when we feel a bit stuck on how to deal with certain things. Easy to read and understanding with lots of real examples - basically as you would expect from Relate. Helps you to realise all of your emotions are to be expected
KH Reply to on 17 June 2007
As a new step parent, I found this book not helpful:

1. It's not that well written, wordy and not well structured

2. It's not always clear who is the audience: the step parent, bilogical parent, or step child

3. The overall tone is pessimistic - it seems that no matter what you do it will cause problems for your children. There seemed to be few encouraging or positive examples of how to do a good job and make "blended" families work. Given that most people these days live in some kind of non-traditional family, we need to know how to make it work, not be put off and made anxious by knowing how easy and seemingly inevitable it is to get it wrong.
nickywin Reply to on 4 March 2011
Yes it was helpful. I learned quite a lot about how other people in the family might be feeling, and for me this was the most important lesson. The psycology of adapting to new families however wasn't given as much emphasis as I would have liked. There was instead a lot of case studies giving the particular composition and arrangements of various blended families which I didn't find interesting or helpful. So helpful yes but could definately be improved with a stronger focus on the barriers to adaptation and how to overcome them.
Summer Reply to on 24 November 2013
It is a helpful book which gives insight about step family dynamics as well as some problems that are a reality of step family life. HOWEVER if you are a step mother who has no children of ur own. Or have had a baby with your partner who already has children like me. Then this book i don't recommend. I still felt i was out of my depth and needed a book to just tell me how it really is. Glad to say i did find that book. Though not sure if i can write that title in this review.
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