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Bella Tuscany The Sweet Life in Italy:Kumagai-yutaka

Frances Mayes
Frances Mayes Published in October 23, 2018, 9:07 am
 Bella Tuscany The Sweet Life in Italy:Kumagai-yutaka

Bella Tuscany The Sweet Life in Italy:Kumagai-yutaka

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Frances Reply to on 16 November 2014
This NOT, nor is it meant to be, a travel guide of Tuscany, the book is about the author's life there. Whilst I enjoyed the the first book Ms. Mayes wrote about her Italian life, I bought the second as a cd to listen to in the car and I regret not buying it again as a book. The author really should have paid for an actress to read the book, because her reading is excrutiatingly boring, totally monotone with sentences, paragraphs and chapters leading straight from one into another without any change in tone or pace so that you never know where one finishes and another begins. Very confusing. Also when she is speaking for Italian characters, there is no Italian accent even attempted at so that every character has the same soft southern American drawl.. This totally spoilt the book for me as I got more and more annoyed at Ms. Mayes' total inability to transfer the excellent written word to a vocal delivery.
elizabeth Reply to on 10 December 2013
This book probably mainly appeals to people who have lived in Italy for quite some time or are still living there. Preferably in a rural area. Like I do.
The expressions in Italian, the recipes, the way Ms. Mayes describes the interaction between Italians and foreigners, it is all very familiar to me. And how to handle all the 'friends' who want to come and visit you, learning to say No.
I especially like the way she talks about her gardens, the food, her houses (one in Italy, one in the US), her husband and the beautiful Italian countryside.
It is a positive book.
I was less taken by her historic outings and descriptions of churches, but that is probably because I do not live in Tuscany.
Scoobysue Reply to on 25 January 2016
A nice read, it's better to have been there and seen for yourself to understand some of this with the humour but it's a nice easy read. Nothing special.
cecilia Reply to on 2 November 2017
lovely book good read
daina Reply to on 29 October 2016
Love the author and her style!
eileen williams
eileen williams Reply to on 27 March 2015
Not very pleased with the condition of this book. Stated as good ......it contained several notations written in pen on the text and in the margins. Not a way to treat a book.... If you must add comments write them on a piece of paper and leave them in the book. I bought the book to read the authors thoughts not the owners
M.Percopo Reply to on 5 December 2015
Very popular and very enjoyable.
michael evans
michael evans Reply to on 17 October 2013
a very good read and the decription in the book does not do justice to the villa,a very beauiful villa.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 11 March 2015
Lovely story
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 September 2017
Great loved it.
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