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Teachers - Season 1:Kumagai-yutaka

Gillian Bevan
Gillian Bevan Published in October 23, 2018, 10:24 am
 Teachers - Season 1:Kumagai-yutaka

Teachers - Season 1:Kumagai-yutaka


reluctant writer
reluctant writer Reply to on 4 November 2017
This season is not as good as their second season, but you still can see the flashes of brilliance to come. If you love the old British humour, then you're going to love this series. If you've never seen the old British commedies, then you are in for a real treat.
munchkin25 Reply to on 9 June 2016
What a great show. This reminds me that there are other normal people in the world doing the same things as me! They show the boring things and take the mickey. It is so human, down-to-earth and quirky. If you like Spaced, Black Books, and Community this series is for you!
E. Porter-daniels
E. Porter-daniels Reply to on 2 February 2004
What can be said that hasn't already been said about this astonishing series full of insane and intelligent jokes, especially appealing to those who work or study in such an environment? There is no parallel to the surreal and unnerving quality of Simon's imaginings, and Kurt, Brian, Susan, and the rest are just excellent supporting characters. The acting is excellent, the editing skillful, the directing superb, the writing witty, and the characters well developed.
What more could you want? Put bluntly, Teachers, especially this first series, is simply the very comedy-drama series you will ever watch. Breathtaking.
Pangus Reply to on 16 November 2017
Not as funny as i remember
Ben Franks
Ben Franks Reply to on 24 April 2011
It's not everyday that someone like me stumbles across a gem like this. It's a pride of British comedy at its best and it does trumps. Andrew Lincoln plays a character everyone can fall in love with and enjoy on screen, paired with the fantastic and sarcastic, though sadistic, Racquel Cassidy makes the pair a screen-love to die for. Brian and Kurt are hilarious backgrouns "lols" and Jenny just spices up proceedings.

Simon Reply to on 12 August 2003
In a world of increasing reality TV shows, good scripted shows are becoming thin on the ground. So, when a show like Teachers comes along you remember how good TV dramas can be. Because it's not only a drama, it's hilarious! The characters are likeable, the stories are realistic and it portrays teachers are real people with real lives and real problems.
I can't rave about the show enough. It's not a soap nor is it a sitcom. It's a brilliant, entertaining show that is worth every pound or dollar you spend on it.
Joyce Burden
Joyce Burden Reply to on 6 September 2016
Very good
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