Kumagai-yutaka Anker 63W 5-Port USB Wall Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Ports, PowerPort Speed 5 for Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6, Note 4/5, LG G4/G5, HTC One M8/M9/A9, Nexus 6, iPhone, iPad and More:Kumagai-yutaka
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Anker 63W 5-Port USB Wall Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Ports, PowerPort Speed 5 for Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6, Note 4/5, LG G4/G5, HTC One M8/M9/A9, Nexus 6, iPhone, iPad and More:Kumagai-yutaka

Anker Published in October 23, 2018, 10:37 am
 Anker 63W 5-Port USB Wall Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Ports, PowerPort Speed 5 for Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6, Note 4/5, LG G4/G5, HTC One M8/M9/A9, Nexus 6, iPhone, iPad and More:Kumagai-yutaka

Anker 63W 5-Port USB Wall Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Ports, PowerPort Speed 5 for Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6, Note 4/5, LG G4/G5, HTC One M8/M9/A9, Nexus 6, iPhone, iPad and More:Kumagai-yutaka

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Andrea Reply to on 14 November 2016
Anker 63W 5-Port USB Wall Charger

I bought three of these chargers and they all worked perfectly. I was able to test them with a Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple iPhone 5C and a Huawei P8 lite. All of the three phones charged with no issues at all while the charger did not even warm up. Galaxy S6 taking advantage of the QC2.0 charged pretty quickly, the same as it would have charged with the original QC charger. iPhone charged quicker respect to the original wall charger and its touchscreen didn't show any malfunctioning (as it happened with chinese chargers). Huawei P8 charged relatively quickly (this is a phone that requires quite a lot of time to charge anyway, it's by design) and did not have any issue as well. To complete my tests I used the charger also with a power-hungry Anker QC3.0 powerbank (2.2A for more than 1hr) and even here the charger did not even get warm, I used it also on two of my Actiona Cameras (Xiaomi) a powerbank by SONY (5000mAh) my Galaxy Note III tablet and my Kindle: no issues at all.

All of the three chargers are very quiet and are not emitting any ultrasonic noise if they're left connected with no load as well as they're used to recharge several devices in parallel.

Even with four devices connected at the same time I did not notice any sign of fatigue or any appreciable slow down in recharge rates.

The three charger units were left connected permanently to the mains since I bought them and this did not result in any issue.

Power blue led on the front has been dimmed to avoid disturbances at night time if the charger is used in a bedroom.

I was not able to test QC3.0 features since I don't have a QC3.0 compatible phone.

In Summary: very recommended charger for all of the USB devices. Not so cheap but quality is usually not cheap.
Murphys001 Reply to on 20 November 2017
Would have given this Anker 63W charger five stars had it not been for a small problem with the two Quick Charge 3 Ports....

Purchased this charger for a new Nokia 8 phone (Android) equipped with Quick Charge 3.
Both of the two Quick Charge 3 ports charge the phone in the same time as the Nokia original charger.
The remaining three non QC 3 ports charge a non quick charge phone slightly faster than the original charger.
However, as one other reviewer noted.
If you charge a non QC3 phone / tablet in either of the two QC3 ports, the device charges slower than the original charger.

Finally, the charger could do with either rubber or silicone feet to stop it moving around on a desk.
Anker did supply an adhesive backed rubber strip, but the adhesive is on both sides!
N. Slack
N. Slack Reply to on 22 April 2017
Our charger situation was getting very dire. Two iPhones, ipad and two charge cases. The iPad is being used almost all day by my wife as she works on her open uni so the waiting for charge was becoming a huge issue. Using the faster charge ports we managed to charge an iPhone within an hour and an iPad in around 2. With five ports we also managed to charge the cases at the same time. Also bought several 6ft lightening cables of the same brand and the extra length is very handy. Also bought the two port car charger. Honestly the quality of the product is far better than apple who want to charge you 20 quid for just a cable. I worked out to get the same set up from apple I would have had to spend 200 quid and not the 50 I spent on anker products. Well worth it.
RobbW Reply to on 17 February 2018
High powered and has two Quickcharge sockets for phones with that facility, the power cable is a standard figure 8 connector that is used on a lot of equipment, I have a Euro one and an American one, I take it everywhere with me when I travel, I just swap out the power lead when I go away for a local one so there’s no messing with adapters, this makes it handy as its not restricted to a plug socket as the figure 8 power cables are quite long so you can easily sit it on a desk or bedside table.
I can easily charge me and my partners holiday stuff at the same time, ie, cameras, phones, tablets, watches, charge packs, drones etc as there’s plenty of sockets and it has good wattage.
I have previously bought similar products where the ports started to give out one by one after about a year but so far this is working perfectly with no troubles at all.
I recently got a new iPhone X and it definitely charges it quicker than my previous iPhone 6 so I assume it’s using the quick charge feature, however to get the iPhone X/8/8+ to charge with Quickcharge 3 you will need a charger that has a USB-C socket and a separate USB-C to lightning connector cable which doesn’t come with the phone and costs £30 from the Apple store so I’m happy with the enhanced charging of this unit at the moment as I resent having to pay more money for the extra stuff in order to utilise QuickCharge 3.
Matt Cuzner
Matt Cuzner Reply to on 1 November 2017
I've had this for around 6 months now, and it's still going strong. The ports work well, and the blue makes identifying the speedier ports nice and easy. I generally use it static for overnight charging in the bedroom, but the cable is long enough and strong enough to take out and about if needed, and unsurprisingly it has a nice velcro cable tidy for securing it in transit.

The construction itself is solid, and feels like it can take a beating, though I haven't yet tried!
A. Mcintyre
A. Mcintyre Reply to on 9 June 2018
It supplies lots of power to my growing army of phones tablets and raspberry pi's no problem.
I hooked up a raspberry pi with screen, motors, lasers and all sorts of gadgets and i have no problems at all on a single port.
At the same time i hammered all the other ports with big loads and nothing failed, it delivered.

It feels nice, looks nice and the blue power led isn't in your face.
The power cable is a neat simple plug with a figure of 8 connector which pushes into the main block.
The 63 watts power conversion is done inside the main block without any bulky external inline bits.

I admit to being totally OCD and my hate of cables, really, this helped tidy my desk and replaced 5 usb power supplies.

Why only 4 stars?
Because i can't give 4.5
I mis-understood a bit of the description, the photos show it standing up vertical but to do that you have to use the double sided sticky pad and permanently fix it to the desk, i wrongly ASS-umed it would stand vertical without being stuck down but the corners are slightly curved not flat and it falls over.
My bad and I am so totally OCD, the product is excellent.
I wish i could buy a set of feet or cradle for it so it would stand upright and ease my OCD.

* Anker have a stunning reputation for support and no quibble refunds etc but i don't need or want that, i will keep it for sure.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 16 December 2017
I have been having trouble for months charging my Samsung Note 4 phone and E-cigarette, and fiddling around with different leads and chargers. I wasn't sure if it was the lead or the charger that was the problem. When I did eventually did get my phone to start charging it would either charge very slowly or stop charging at random points,

I purchased this Anker charging hub as a solution, rather than opt for another expensive Samsung phone charger which might not work, along with a couple of high quality USB leads (which are also excellent - see below). Both devices started charging instantly, and my phone is at 7 percent charge after 5 minutes, so fast charging is definitely working at the same or perhaps even faster level that the charger I got with my phone originally.

I am really pleased with this purchase.The charger looks appealing and is easy to use with nice packaging I would recommend this to anyone, particularly as a more cost efficient option than a branded charger for a particular device. It may be a few pounds more expensive, but you can charge 5 devices at once. From previous experience Anker's customer support and engagement is excellent too. I

Volutz Micro USB Cable Nylon Braided, 2-Pack (3.3 feet + 3.3ft) Strong and Premium USB Lead with Fast Charge for Android Devices, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony and More - Armorcord Series
Edward Reply to on 18 November 2016
When I saw this device I thought it was quite expensive, but for what you get it's a fair price

It's well built - solid to the touch and doesn't feel it's poor quality or cheap.

Other than that - it's a charger - it does exactly what it says on the tin - the only point to note is that it comes with a figure of 8 power lead which plugs into charger on one side with the USB ports on the other - that's it !
KH Reply to on 14 May 2018
I bought this to use my my bedroom to charge up phones and kindles. It looks like a solid tidy unit.

The two fast charge ports are great for the android phones we have and the other four normal ports work well for our other devices. This has freed up six power sockets in our bedroom which means no more extension cords and power banks creating extra clutter.

The charger uses a figure 8 plug, which means you can attach a euro plug when you travel and do not have to worry about an adaptor.
-Will- Reply to on 10 December 2016
At last: a multi-port USB power supply that doesn't emit a high pitch squeal. It's dead silent, delivers plenty of current, and doesn't heat up. Hopefully, it will also prove reliable. Anyway, 5 stars for now...
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